10 Amazing Facts About Polycarbonates

1.Polycarbonate was originally created by the aerospace industry, and was used for astronauts’ visors. 2.It is used to make airplane windows, police riot shields and bulletproof windows. 3.It has a natural UV resistance which makes it useful for making lenses for sunglasses. 4.It can suppress flames. 5.It can be formed without breaking or cracking at […]

4th Polycarbonate Sheet Design Competition

CALLING ALL ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS! Get your designs ready for this year’s 4th Polycarbonate Sheet Design Competition – Shutter Twinwall Sheet Edition. Design Challenge: Build your most innovative ecofriendly design with SHUTTER TWINWALL POLYCARBONATE. The competition aims to generate insights and spark ideas and proposals that will help us envision the designs of the future while promoting scholastic […]