Sunlite Jazz

The purpose of this particular write-up is to help and guide you on the basic tools and steps needed for the installation of the Sunlite Jazz polycarbonate sheet. In order to help our valuable customers, to observes the proper and correct installation. Installation Procedure as follows: Preparation of materials and accessories Sunlite Jazz Corrugated Polycarbonate […]

Sunshield Blog

Sunshield UV-protected Polycarbonate Sheet has several qualities that make it ideal for a variety of applications. It is a durable and lightweight material with excellent light transmission and self-extinguishing properties. Below are some of the most common and popular applications of Sunshield UV Protected Polycarbonate Sheet: Skylight roofing application – when the application requires natural […]

Tools for cutting Polycarbonate Sheets

Cutting Sunshield UV Protected Sheets and Sunlite Polycarbonate Sheets made easy! We are busting some myths on polycarbonate sheet cutting. Gone are the days when we get ripped off by hefty charges just to cut the sheets to our desired sizes. We’ve listed down some common tools needed and also some tips to help you […]