Sun 40C
Aluminum Wall Bracket

It holds the side bars and T-Center Gutter in place

Sun 71
Aluminum Left/Right Side Bar

It holds the material and acts as the main support while it has holes for air ventilation

Sun 72
Aluminum T-Center Gutter

It has direct line to the main gutter and holes for air ventilation

Sun 79
Aluminum Back Clip with EPDM

This back clip is well attached on the wall bracket

SUN 74
Aluminum Square Support

This support is the vertical support of the canopy

Sun 77
Aluminum Center Clip with EPDM

It sets material used in place while attached to the square support

Sun A17
Aluminun Side/T-Center Cap

Holds the side bars and center gutter together.

Sun 76
Aluminum Front Gutter

It is located in the front of the canopy

Sun 76-1R/1L
Aluminum Left/Right Gutter Cap

It covers the side of the main gutter.