1.Polycarbonate was originally created by the aerospace industry, and was used for astronauts’ visors.

2.It is used to make airplane windows, police riot shields and bulletproof windows.

3.It has a natural UV resistance which makes it useful for making lenses for sunglasses.

4.It can suppress flames.

5.It can be formed without breaking or cracking at a room temperature.

6.It is 10 times stronger than glass and is lightweight.

7.The largest piece of formed polycarbonate is the cockpit canopy of the F-22 Raptor jet fighter.

8.Polycarbonates are used in automobiles to help make cars lighter and more fuel efficient.

9.Compact Discs and DVDs which are read by a laser are made of polycarbonate.

10.Polycarbonate plastic provides a safety barrier that helps protect infants in incubators